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At FA Match, our purpose is to create an industry-wide culture of advisors who love what they do, at firms who have the right teams by their sides - but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we created the FA Match Alliance, so we can lift the industry up together.


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All FA Match Alliance members have pledged to help promote FA Match to advisory firms on their respective suites of services; all with the end goal of making advisor recruiting more efficient, cost-effective and successful for firms of all types and sizes.

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As a member of the Alliance, you can participate however makes the most sense for your business. Let’s talk about how we can work together.  

Aaron Klein, Riskalyze

“We hope our involvement with the Alliance will help our advisor firms feel empowered to fearlessly take action in the direction of their business and career goals”

Kyle Hiatt, Orion

"Joining the FA Match Alliance will undoubtedly help our firms make their growth goals a reality by connecting them with top talent"

Brian McLaughlin, Redtail

“FA Match is revolutionizing how we seek and develop human capital, which is incredibly important in our people-driven industry” 

What is FA Match?

FA Match is a career management platform for financial advisors. We provide tools that help advisors evaluate options while maintaining control, discretion and transparency.

Advisors are our industry's greatest assets

The mission of FA Match is to increase accessibility for the best and brightest advisors to find companies deserving of their skills, ideas and potential for growth. By partnering together, we’re carrying our industry into a brighter future. 

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